CleanCare’s Clean and Green Laundering and Maintenance Processes

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In 87 years of servicing the linen and uniform industry, we’ve learned many important lessons. One of those is the necessity of looking after the best interests of our community and environment.

By providing our partners with high-quality materials always cleaned with a mind for the environment, we protect them and our community. Through advanced technology, awareness, and industry knowledge, our customers rest easy knowing their linens and uniforms are responsibility managed.

Laundering Technology for Precision Processes and Resource Conservation

When your business’s laundry is done through CleanCare, it’s getting done with state-of-the-art machinery. With computerized control and monitoring systems noting and adjusting processes, nothing goes to waste.

Our computerized systems conserve our resources and minimize waste. That’s not only good for the environment and our community, but for our customers as well. Every resource that our computerized monitoring systems conserve saves on processing expenses. The less expensive it is for us, the less expensive it will be for you.

Our processes conserve:

  • Water. With precision monitors and load sensors, we use the precise amount of water needed to ensure a thorough wash. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Detergents/Chemicals. The less detergents and other cleaning chemicals we need to purchase and use, the better. Computerized monitoring helps us in that task.
  • Heat. A tremendous amount of energy is needed to warm water to cleaning temperatures. By conserving heated water and repurposing it, we save both energy and water.
  • Energy. The more energy we use, the more our processes cost, and the greater our carbon footprint. Through water and heat recycling and monitoring, we can save where it really matters.

CleanCare Monitor™ Program Benefits

Our CleanCare Monitor™ Program helps eliminate waste of another valuable resource: time. In order to more accurately track your shipments, manage your inventory, and schedule them when convenient, our CleanCare Monitor™ Program, gives you all the tools needed.

Not only does this system make tracking and managing your shipments easier, but it also allows for precision garment tracking. If something goes missing, we’ll know where it went missing and get you the missing materials ASAP. Being able to track the whereabouts of our materials not only keeps your supplies where you need them, but helps keep costs down by not having to replace missing items.

Three Generations of Industry Knowledge

Not many businesses can say they’ve been serving the same industries for three generations of ownership. That means we’re more than a reliable partner you can count on; we’re also a valuable source of information and knowledge. If you’ve got questions about materials and services that could increase your business’s productivity, we’ve got the answers and services to make that happen.

It also means that we know what it takes and, more importantly, what it doesn’t take to succeed in the industry. To get the job done, we provide exactly what your business and standards require. We go above and beyond in terms of quality, customer service, and consistently timely delivery, but know when too much is too much. That’s the kind of management that makes our business a success, and it will make yours one too.

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Guide To Our 6-Step Process

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Through 86 years of service in the linen industry, CleanCare’s made a science of the laundering cycle. We’ve broken our process down into 6 stages to ensure repeatable quality and cleanliness of our products. 

Here is a guide to CleanCare’s 6-step process:  

1. Identify and Sort

When your soiled linens arrive at our facility, they are entered into our system so that they can’t be misplaced during any part of the process. From there, they are tracked by our sophisticated plant monitoring system. This ensures that your linens are getting the treatments they need when they need them. 

2. The Wash Cycle

Large quantities of clothing require more than just water and detergent. Because we want to ensure the highest quality wash possible for a variety of materials and stains, our wash cycle is composed of five stages: 

  • The Flush – At 100° fahrenheit, our computer-monitored process ensures that stains won’t be set into the fabric as they might at higher temperatures. At this stage, no chemicals are used. This process is repeated if necessary to soften material or stains. 
  • Suds – With an increase in temperature, to 160°, a combination of heat and detergents disinfect the linens. The timing is calibrated for the needs of each specific load.
  • Bleach – For white linens, this is where they enter the bleaching phase to dissolve any staining and increase the brightness of the linen. While bleach does aid in disinfecting the linen, it’s the water temperature that does most of the disinfecting. 
  • Rinse – Aside from washing out the detergents and bleach, the rinse cycle also helps in further soil removal. This is where the temperature decreases gradually to avoid the wrinkling effect that a sudden drop in temperature would create. 
  • pH Test – The water’s return to a pH of 5.5 to 6.5 indicates that all detergent and bleaching products are gone. This is important, as left over cleaning products on linens can cause skin irritation. 

3. Extraction

The extraction process includes removing as much water as possible before the drying process decreases drying time. This improves the portability of damp linens. Washed linens are pressed into large “cakes” and transported to the drying stations. 

4. Drying

When it’s a linen cake’s turn to enter the drying chamber, conditions are carefully monitored and set. We know the linens are done when the humidity in the chamber reaches a precise level. At that point, the drying stops and the linens move onto the processing area for detailing and arrangement. 

5. Ironing and Folding

When the drying is complete, the linen is moved via conveyor to automated ironing and folding machines. The equipment efficiently removes wrinkles and folds linen into precise, compact formations. After folding, the linens are checked for imperfections. From there, they are loaded onto trucks for delivery. 

6. Packaging and Shipping

At the staging area, orders are double checked to ensure the right linens are going to the right customers. Once they pass this inspection, they’re free to go to where they’re needed – your doorstep. 

CleanCare is Your Best Choice for a Linen Service

Our 6-step-process was created to ensure that all of the dirty linens that come through our door leave looking brand new. We take pride in producing reliable, positive results for all of the clients we work with.

Not every linen service has the experience, know how, and track record to produce consistent results. Go with the service that knows linens, cleans them thoroughly, and gets them to you when and where you need them. Go with CleanCare. For more information on our services, contact us today at 800-222-7600.