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Clean Care Linen is a commercial laundry service, proudly serving Pennsylvania and Ohio since 1933. Call us today for your linen, uniform and laundry needs.

Keeping the linen clean and pressed for your business is a full-time job. Trust us at Clean Care Linen to take care of all your commercial laundry needs. Our local laundry facilities continually operate seven days a week with a staff of 180 trained laundry and management professionals to ensure your linen, towels and uniforms get cleaned with quality and in a timely manner. We cater to the laundry needs of restaurants, hospitals, health care businesses, hotels, gyms and more all across Western Pennsylvania and Northeast Ohio.

When you choose Clean Care Linen for your laundry and linen supply service, you have the advantage of our innovative and proprietary S.M.A.R.T. system.

S. SELECTION puts the power in your hands to select from a variety of products and services to match your needs and budget.
M. MONITORING is how we keep track of every piece of linen we clean and the schedule you are on for cleanings.
A. ACCOUNTABILITY is based on a 10 point quality scale to ensure that your commercial laundry is delivered to your satisfaction.
R. RESPONSIVENESS stands for our 24/7 emergency response we provide and the real people you will talk to on the phone when you call us for all of your specific needs.
T. TECHNOLOGY reflects the high level of innovation we use in tracking and cleaning your commercial laundry. With our Linen Inventory Control (LINC) system, we manage your program so you have what you need, when you need it. Our state of the art reporting systems ensure you have the tools to achieve your budget and keep costs low.

All the linen and uniforms that pass through one of our facilities goes through a six step process to be cleaned. Each step of the way is monitored by sophisticated laundering equipment with computers to prevent lost materials or order mistakes. When the dirty laundry comes in, they are identified by item and sorted before we send the separated bags to the washers. After being laundered with the ideal combination of chemicals, water temperature & machine mechanical action, excess water gets squeezed out through the extraction process. By focusing on the extraction process, we are able to reduce our energy consumption and lower our impact on our environment. This step also helps to speed up the next step in drying the laundry; whether it is in the dryer, on the ironer or in the uniform steam tunnel. Once dried and ironed, they are given one final inspection before they are packaged for delivery. They are finally labeled and prepared to be sent to your facility.

Let us at Clean Care Linen be your commercial laundry service for your Western Pennsylvania or Northeast Ohio hospitality or healthcare linen. You can count on us to deliver the quality commercial laundry you want to represent your business. Our S.M.A.R.T. system gives you the best in care from placing your order to delivery of your freshly laundered linen, towels and uniforms. With Clean Care, you can count on us to produce your commercial laundry to the highest quality and environmental standards.

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