Healthcare Linen Service Prevents Linen Loss

Healthcare Linen Service Prevents Linen Loss


Linen loss is a significant issue in the healthcare industry, with estimates suggesting that it costs the US healthcare system around $840 million every year. This not only has financial implications, but it can also impact patient care if linens are not readily available when needed. Linen loss can occur in a variety of ways, including through misplacement, theft, or damage. It can be particularly problematic in busy healthcare facilities where linens are in high demand and are frequently being used and replaced. Healthcare linen service prevents linen loss for many different facilities, especially with help from the right provider:

How CleanCare’s Healthcare Linen Service Prevents Linen Loss

One way to prevent linen loss is to work with a reliable healthcare linen service provider like CleanCare. We offer a comprehensive service that includes everything from laundering and disinfecting linens to ensuring that they are always in stock and ready for use. Here’s what we bring to the table in the fight against linen loss:

Accredited Healthcare Laundry

One of the key features of our service is our efficient healthcare laundry process. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to thoroughly clean and disinfect all linens, including sheets, towels, and gowns. We also use environmentally-friendly cleaning products and processes to ensure that our laundry services are as sustainable as possible. This helps keep everything in stock for longer.

Reliable Inventory Management

In addition to our efficient laundry process, we also use RFID (radio-frequency identification) tracking technology to help with inventory management. This allows us to track the movement of linens throughout the facility, ensuring that they are always accounted for and available when needed.

An Expert Team with a Keen Eye

Another important aspect of our service is our route service representatives. These individuals are responsible for delivering fresh linens to healthcare facilities on a regular basis. They also work with facilities to ensure that all linens are in stock and ready for use upon every delivery. This helps to prevent shortages and ensure that patients and healthcare workers have access to the linens they need.

How Linen Loss Can Affect You

The consequences of linen loss go beyond just the financial cost. If linens are not readily available, it can lead to delays in patient care and treatment. It can also put a strain on healthcare workers, who may have to spend more time searching for missing linens or using inadequate substitutes.

Sign Up with CleanCare Today!

CleanCare’s reliable healthcare linen service prevents linen loss and its consequences. Our efficient laundry process, RFID tracking technology, and route service representatives work together to ensure that your facility always has the clean, fresh linens it needs to provide the best possible care to patients. Trust CleanCare to keep your facility stocked and ready for patient care. Contact us today at 1-800-222-7600 or reach out to us here on our website for more information.

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