The Six Step Process

At CleanCare, we utilize the most precisely calibrated and efficient laundry processing equipment available to guarantee that exact time and temperature standards are met for all hospital, restaurant and hospitality linens.

CleanCare utilizes an 18-chamber continuous batch washer where linens are pre-rinsed, washed, sanitized and dried and then mechanically fed through ironing and folding machines at a rate of 200 pounds per minute. The new process starts as each load of linen is dropped at the dock. After an initial sort of linen, laundry isn’t touched again until it is positioned at finishing equipment for automatic ironing and folding. This “hands-off” approach both streamlines the laundering process and eliminates human error, thus improving the end product for the customer and reducing utility costs, allowing CleanCare to provide added value to its customers.

All linens follow a six-step computer monitored process to ensure that laundry is clean and disinfected.

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