Restaurants and Hotels

For the hospitality industry, quality control and reliability are central to maintaining the optimum inventory level of bed linens, towels and table linen.

CleanCare understands that your reputation depends upon the quality of the experience you deliver to your customers. And, our 24/7 policy ensures service on nights, weekends and holidays. Our professionally trained sales and service staff is always eager to assist you, and our computerized tracking systems allow us to track your linen usage for effective inventory control. Our restaurant services reach not only fine dining, but also cafeterias, pizza shops, delis, and more.


At CleanCare, we developed a revolutionary computer tracking system (LINC) to help monitor the amount of linen you use and track the cost by station each month, week and day. LINC can substantially reduce usage and waste. The valuable time that you spend on tracking and ordering can now be devoted to more critical tasks like focusing on guest service.

Quality Control

When you partner with CleanCare, you can be assured that your linens will arrive clean and sanitized. Every process we follow – from laundering, handling and washing – complies with all OSHA standards.

Packaging and Transport

Deliveries are made on our own trucks on specially designed mobile racks. All linens are sealed with a plastic barrier and labeled with the exact contents by item, quantity and weight to ensure the highest sanitary protection.

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