Our Commitment


CleanCare is proud of our reputation and longstanding connection with customers. Many of our relationships with customers have spanned two generations, providing a deep understanding of the importance of balancing consistency of service with an understanding of how customer needs change over time. As these needs and expectations have changed, CleanCare has adapted, though it’s S.M.A.R.T. program and a philosophy of business that recognizes that our value to customers depends upon three important roles we can play: listening, anticipating and adapting.

We Listen.

Because each customer has a different set of priorities, CleanCare meets with each client several times each year to better understand their needs. In these periodic reviews, our goal is not to sell. It is to listen and serve. When customers have concerns or emergencies, we provide immediate resolution. Often we can suggest ways to reduce cost, improve inventory control or address other concerns to help them achieve their objectives.

We Anticipate.

Because unexpected situations can impact linen usage, we are prepared to act immediately when the need arises, as a result of anticipating potential needs.

We are proactive in our integration of the latest technology and systems to create more seamless service for our customers.

We Adapt.

CleanCare recognizes that as our customers grow, open additional locations or require specialized services, our relationship and services need to change with them. Through our continuous improvement programs, personnel training, technology integration and product innovation, we are able to adapt to these changing needs, and provide the product, people, pricing and delivery response that our customers need.

Learn more about the CleanCare S.M.A.R.T. Program or to discuss your linen program, call Bob Friedman, Director of Sales, at 412-681-7600.

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