commercial laundry services

Many small businesses use linens on a regular basis. This includes everything from an independently owned bed and breakfast or restaurant to a small, out-patient surgical center. Linens and uniforms are common, re-usable supplies that serve a vital function in a variety of small business settings. They are part of restaurant décor, provide your patients with comfort, and make your employees look great. Every small business owner knows the importance of representing your brand with quality products and professional employees. It is also critical to make decisions that boost productivity, while lowering costs. CleanCare Linen Service offers a number of key benefits, such as commercial laundry services, that will help your business run smoothly and improve profitability.

Productivity and Efficiency

No commercial laundry services means running an on-premise laundry and all the issues associated with one. There are several stages in the process such as sorting, washing, drying, ironing, folding, and packing . Each are time-consuming and expensive. This whole process requires a tremendous amount of energy and water. You will also need chemicals, machines, parts, and more. In fact, all of this will require multiple full time employees for even the smallest of businesses. Outsourcing this task means you and your employees can more efficiently service customers and focus on more important business matters.

Eliminating Compliance Concerns

Depending on your industry, outsourcing your laundry ensures local, federal, and OSHA-compliant cleaning. Most businesses must meet specific cleaning guidelines and failure in this area is costly. For example, OSHA dictates cleaning processes for linen in medical centers. We can help you avoid these hassles and costs!

Helping the Environment and Saving on Utilities

On top of the cost and time saving benefits, consider that our machines use significantly less energy and water. This means less water is discharged into the local environment. You can effectively keep energy and water costs for your business low by letting us take care of your linen and uniform cleaning needs.

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Using a commercial linen and laundry service enables you to improve productivity with your workers, allowing them to use their skills more effectively. Further, the many costs of owning and using your own commercial cleaning equipment should be analyzed fully, as these expenses will be eliminated from your budget if you choose to outsource linen cleaning to a third party. These financial benefits are coupled with the ability to eliminate the risk of non-compliance of linen cleaning regulations. After factoring in all of the advantages associated with using a commercial linen cleaning service, get a quote from Clean Care Linen today. Call us at 800-222-7600 or fill out this form for more information!