The High Standards for Servicing Medical Linens

Quality is always important when it comes to servicing linen, especially in the medical and healthcare industry. Your patients and employees expect nothing but the best when it comes to servicing their medical linens. Whether it is sheets, scrubs, or patient gowns, fresh linen is always expected.

Medical Linen Standards

When it comes to servicing medical linen, there are certain standards that should always be met in order to meet patient’s expectations. These standards are as follows:

  • Medical linens should always be returned in a clean and crisp condition that appeals to patients. No one wants to use linens that look or feel dirty.
  • Patient gowns should be individually wrapped to avoid sanitation issues and contamination
  • All medical linens should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to prevent the spread of germs from patient to patient.
  • Only the most comfortable and softest materials should be used to create medical linens for patients and doctors.
  • Your linen provider should have certifications to ensure they are following the proper guidelines and regulations set in place.

At Clean Care Linen we are proud to meet all of these standards. Not only do we specialize in servicing all medical linens, but we specialize in hospitality linens as well. Whether you own a restaurant or hotel, we have a linen service perfectly tailored to the needs of your hospitality business. Our wide selection of products is guaranteed to leave you and your customers satisfied.

We are proud to have many different certifications to ensure quality to our customers. These include TRSA, CSC, HLAC, Medtegrity, Pennsylvania Restaurant Association and Clean Green certifications. Contact us today at 412-323-7979 to learn more about our services and S.M.A.R.T. linen program or complete our form to see how we can help your business. We look forward to servicing you!

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