Medical Linens Are an Extension of Patient Care

Medical Linens Are an Extension of Patient Care

When thinking about factors in patient care, the medical linens that aid in that care may not rank highly. It’s understandable as medical linens are quiet assistants. They’re often acknowledged for their necessity when they’re missing or wrong. A hospital without the number of linens it needs has trouble functioning. One that has low-quality or poorly maintained linens risks the safety of its employees and patients. Medical linens are an extension of patient care that your facility can’t afford to pass up on!

Why Quality Medical Linens Are Important

Though quiet and largely unnoticed, nothing touches your patients and employees more than medical linens. Every moment they’re in contact with patients or employees, they’re saying something about your facility.

How Patients Benefit from Quality Medical Linens

Patients stand to benefit the most from quality medical linens. Whether in bed or standing in a gown, some type of medical linen is always in contact with them. The comfort that accompanies quality medical linens not only helps patients feel more comfortable but also increases the perception of care quality.

How Professionals Benefit from Quality Medical Linens

To do their jobs confidently, your medical teams need medical linens that they can trust. Whether they’re cleaning up, prepping for surgery, or moving a patient, they rely on the linens that help them. If poor-quality or poorly maintained linens are all that they have, they’ll be hesitant to act and untrusting of the materials. At best, that translates to inefficiency. At worst, patient suffering.

What Makes Medical Linens “Quality”

Every medical facility wants to claim they provide quality medical linens, but what does that term mean? To CleanCare, this is what quality means:

  •     Outstanding Materials
  •     Superior, Reliable Construction
  •     Consistent, Professional Care

The Importance of Professional, Careful Medical Linen Care

Medical linens that are improperly managed can wreak havoc on your medical facility and the health of your patients. If the linens supplying any medical facility aren’t acquired through an accredited, time-tested provider, the risks are too high. When patients have compromised immune systems, every possible measure must be in place to keep pathogens and harmful microbes at bay. Only an accredited, experienced, and medically-centered linen service can ensure constant quality protection. When you get your linens through CleanCare, you’re getting quality materials and consistent cleanliness. Our cleaning processes and transportation protocols ensure that only clean, pleasant materials ever touch your patients.

How to Know That You’re Getting Quality Medical Linens

How can you be sure that the medical linens you’re getting are of suitable quality? Most of the time, all you have to do is listen.

Lack of Employee and Patient Complaints

If there’s a problem with your medical linens, you should be able to expect your employees or patients to complain about them. When these issues become too frequent, either your employees, patients, or both will likely let you know about it.    


Lack of supplies might also be an issue if you’re getting linens from an underqualified provider. Facilities that don’t appreciate what’s at risk with under-delivered or not properly prepared linens don’t deserve your business. For the sake of your patients and your bottom line, trust only a provider worthy of that trust.

CleanCare’s Medical Linens Are an Extension of Patient Care 

To make your medical linen concerns a thing of the past, call CleanCare at 1-800-222-7600 and ask for a free quote for service.

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