What Is Linen Usage Monitoring

If you had the choice of seeing where all your valuable linen went, would you take the opportunity? Many hotels are already taking advantage to these type of features through electronic linen usage monitoring systems.

Linen Usage Monitoring Explained

For instance, some linen products, such as towels and bed sheets, contain chips which track the location and quality of the materials. This helps prevent theft and provide businesses and their linen service providers with an idea on whether or not it is time to replace linen products.

On average, hotels lose 20 percent of their linens per month. This loss tends to add up in costs which are unnecessary. When linen providers supply their customers with high-quality linen usage monitoring chips and other devices, they are eliminating these costs.

Along with this, many linen services have an electronic online portal which allows both the customer users as well as the linen providers to view their account information including the number of products provided, types of services, and dates of delivery. These online systems help individuals keep track and monitor their linen usage and plan for the next delivery.

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