using a linen service

All businesses utilize linen, uniforms, facility products, or all of the above! Despite being standard in most businesses, they can be overwhelming and time-consuming to deal with. That’s why utilizing a linen service can make your job much easier.

Since 1933, CleanCare has provided high-quality products and services to many happy customers in Pennsylvania. But is a linen service really necessary for your business? Here are some reasons why using a one can directly benefit your business today:

Saving Money

You might think using a linen service would cost more than just purchasing and laundering linens in-house. Having to launder the linens yourself defeats the purpose of direct purchases because you will spend more money. If you plan on using your employees to launder linens in-house, consider the fact that labor costs are rising! In addition to wages, you will also have to pay to train the employees to do the laundry. This also means hiring a manager to oversee the laundering process and ensure everything is running smoothly. Additionally, you can expect to spend a lot of money on supplies including laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and possibly even irons and steamers. With all this in mind, there are now large periods of the time you could be spending on your business and customers now wasted laundry.

Saving Time

Doing the laundry for your business’s linens takes a lot of time. According to Seth Willer, National Sales Manager for Girbau International, the average person deals with about 120 linens per hour. However, an automated folding machine, like those used with a professional linen service, can launder 600-800 linens per hour! You can tell a linen service what items you need and they deliver – plain and simple! This time-saving service allows you to allocate your time to other important tasks and better serve customers.


Utilizing a linen service makes keeping track of all of your linens a breeze. A linen service will provide you with the products you need, pick them up when they are dirty, launder them with high-powered industrial washers and dryers, and then deliver the fresh, clean linens back to you at a time that will work with your schedule. Customers choose linen providers like CleanCare because utilizing a high-quality linen service takes a huge task like renting and laundering linen and makes it quick and easy with little hassle.

Let CleanCare be the Right Linen Service for You Today!

Using a linen service is beneficial in numerous ways. From convenience to time and money saved, utilizing a service gives you the opportunity to focus on other aspects of your business. And, as the saying goes, time is money!

It doesn’t get any better than working with a quality linen service like CleanCare. For decades we’ve grown and perfected our craft so that we can continually build solid relationships with our customers and deliver the best products time and time again. From healthcare linen to hospitality linen and the quality floor care you need, CleanCare is here to make your job easier. For more information on our services and to request a free quote, contact us at 800-222-7600.