Signs Your Linen Service is Working

Signs Linen Service Working

Is your linen service working for you?

Hiring a third-party linen service provider is one of the biggest decisions any business owner can make. The promise of efficiency and convenience is only half the equation, after all. Like any service, there is always the risk of losing control – of the quality, cost, and efficacy of your linen use. Linen management can easily get out of hand when run in-house. The risks ride up, and easily when there’s another company involved.

If you’re in the middle of a Pittsburgh, PA linen service contract, and you’re not sure if it’s well worth continuing, this blog is for you. We have a simple checklist that you can use to assess whether or not your linen service is working.

Your Linen Service is Working if…

Here are some easy-to-spot signs that your linen service is actually working for you:

It has a stable supply and no shortages or and delivery delays. 

One of the foremost reasons businesses sign up for a linen service is to secure the stability of their supply. After all, shortages are not only frustrating; they can cost your business. Your linen service is working if, through any fluctuations and surges in linen demand, they can still hit the mark. If your supplier leaves you wondering when or if they’ll come, it’s time to start a conversation with a better service provider.

It produces consistently high-quality, clean linens. 

One of the hallmarks of effective linen service is the consistency in the quality and cleanliness of your linens. A working linen service should not leave you guessing on the quality of all your linen deliveries. There should be a sense of certainty in every delivery – that each linen is good, well-maintained, and most importantly, clean. It’s not enough that your first delivery is of high quality. The true measure of linen service quality is in the everyday quality of the service that you are getting.

It lowers the cost of linen management. 

Here’s a bitter pill that every business owner knows: linens can be expensive. A good measure of whether or not your current service works is how much they alleviate the financial burden of your linens. A good linen service lowers the cost of their maintenance. They should add more uses to your linen inventory through excellent maintenance. They should lower the cost, if not add value that exceeds their cost.

You experience no linen-related issues. 

Running a business is hard enough. When you sign up for a Pittsburgh, PA linen service, the goal is almost always to get rid of linen issues. Your linen service should allow you to pursue bigger and more important matters in your business. It should rid you of the burdens that come with commercial linen use. If your linen needs can easily slide down to the bottom of your priority list, with little issues in any aspect, your linen service is working.

Does it sound like your linen service is working? 

The criteria mentioned above are simple but easily discernible signs of a good, working linen service. If your current provider has more misses than hits, it’s time to start a conversation with someone else.

And if you’re looking for a Pittsburgh linen service company that meets these criteria (and more!), there’s only one name that comes to mind: CleanCare Linen!

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