Tips for Senior Citizens on How To Stay Cool in the Summer

Summer has arrived, and although individuals are dreading the intense heat, many are excited for the warmth, longer days, and rejuvenating sunrays. Senior citizens, however, may worry about the heat and dehydration. Therefore, we have devised a few tips on how to stay cool in the summer & prevent any heat-related incidences from occurring.

5 Tips to Stay Cool in the Summer

  • Hydrate and replenish lost water through more liquids, salt, and potassium.
  • Take breaks and cool down indoors when necessary. Avoid staying out in the heat for long periods of time, as this will cause extreme dehydration.
  • Wear sunscreen, protective glasses, and bug spray. Sunscreen will prevent sunburns and excess radiation which wears down the body. Protective glasses will make sure your eyes do not get damaged from the sun. Bug spray will prevent any bites from foreign insects that are carrying diseases and bacteria.
  • Know the signs of hyperthermia and sun poisoning, these include extremely high body temperatures, nausea, headache, fainting, and increased heart rate. By being able to catch heat stroke before it gets too bad, you will be able to get medical attention speedier, preventing serious dehydration or possible death.
  • Keep friends and family nearby in order to assist in case of emergencies. Never spend an entire day alone in the blistering heat.

These are just some of the tips we have created for senior health. The summertime may be fun and exciting; however, it is also dangerous when one does not take further steps in making sure they are safe.

Your friends at Clean Care wish you and your family a happy and safe summer this year. Give us a call for your medical facility needs today and we will be happy to service you with high-quality linen, uniforms, and towels!

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