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The Benefits of Healthcare Linen Service

Healthcare facilities face unique challenges when it comes to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. In this critical environment, Thanks to an intimate understanding of the benefits of healthcare linen service and the profound effects it has on patient recovery, CleanCare is your ally in quality linens that ease the burdens of your staff. Through specialized services […]

The Importance of Floor Care in Healthcare

  As a leading provider of healthcare linen and facility cleaning products, CleanCare understands the importance of floor care in healthcare settings. Floors in hospitals and clinics are often overlooked, but they play a vital role in the overall hygiene and safety of the facility. Let’s explore why you should never underestimate the significance of […]

Onboarding and Training New Employees to Prevent Linen Loss

Healthcare linen loss is a massive problem costing the industry upwards of $800 million annually. And your employees can either be part of this problem or be proactive leaders in the solution. The difference lies in their training, particularly during the onboarding phase. There are many ways that linen loss occurs. These should be individually […]

Medical Linens Are an Extension of Patient Care

When thinking about factors in patient care, the medical linens that aid in that care may not rank highly. It’s understandable as medical linens are quiet assistants. They’re often acknowledged for their necessity when they’re missing or wrong. A hospital without the number of linens it needs has trouble functioning. One that has low-quality or […]

The Most Reliable Healthcare Linen and Uniform Service in 2023

As a healthcare practice, you rely on clean, high-quality linens and uniforms to provide the best possible care and protection to your patients and staff. That’s why it’s essential to work with a reliable service provider like CleanCare. Our healthcare linen and uniform service will meet your needs in 2023 and beyond!

Healthcare Linen Service Prevents Linen Loss

  Linen loss is a significant issue in the healthcare industry, with estimates suggesting that it costs the US healthcare system around $840 million every year. This not only has financial implications, but it can also impact patient care if linens are not readily available when needed. Linen loss can occur in a variety of […]

Reliable Hotel Linen Service in Pennsylvania

The guest experience is paramount to a hotel’s success, and it should be the primary metric that determines whether a hotel feels like a home or not. There are several factors that go into achieving that sought-after comfort when we leave our nests. Reliable hotel linen service in Pennsylvania is an overlooked but crucially important […]

How CleanCare Supports Pennsylvania Restaurants

The food and beverage industry has always been a tough one to thrive in. This is especially true now, with the ongoing labor shortage, global supply chain issues, and pandemic. If your business is looking for some stability in these uncertain times, you should work with a reliable provider. CleanCare supports Pennsylvania restaurants through the […]

Medical Facility Linen Management Solutions 

Poor medical facility linen management can wreak havoc on your operations. It’s risky, it’s costly, and it can negatively impact your patient service and satisfaction. For better medical facility linen management solutions, trust only PA’s No. 1 provider: CleanCare!