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Reliable Hotel Linen Service in Pennsylvania

The guest experience is paramount to a hotel’s success, and it should be the primary metric that determines whether a hotel feels like a home or not. There are several factors that go into achieving that sought-after comfort when we leave our nests. Reliable hotel linen service in Pennsylvania is an overlooked but crucially important […]

How CleanCare Supports Pennsylvania Restaurants

The food and beverage industry has always been a tough one to thrive in. This is especially true now, with the ongoing labor shortage, global supply chain issues, and pandemic. If your business is looking for some stability in these uncertain times, you should work with a reliable provider. CleanCare supports Pennsylvania restaurants through the […]

Medical Facility Linen Management Solutions 

Poor medical facility linen management can wreak havoc on your operations. It’s risky, it’s costly, and it can negatively impact your patient service and satisfaction. For better medical facility linen management solutions, trust only PA’s No. 1 provider: CleanCare!

Signs Your Linen Service is Working

Is your linen service working for you? Hiring a third-party linen service provider is one of the biggest decisions any business owner can make. The promise of efficiency and convenience is only half the equation, after all. Like any service, there is always the risk of losing control – of the quality, cost, and efficacy […]

The CleanCare Difference

Are you on the lookout for a commercial linen service company that you can entrust your linen needs to? Whether you’re disappointed with your current service or are a first-time client, consider CleanCare!

CleanCare’s Clean and Green Laundering and Maintenance Processes

In 87 years of servicing the linen and uniform industry, we’ve learned many important lessons. One of those is the necessity of looking after the best interests of our community and environment. By providing our partners with high-quality materials always cleaned with a mind for the environment, we protect them and our community. Through advanced […]