Healthcare and hospitality businesses need high-quality sheets and blankets that match their professional service. That means working with a provider that can be trusted to provide reliable products and meet even the most specific needs. There’s only one provider in Pennsylvania that fits the bill:

CleanCare Offers the Best Sheets and Blankets in Pennsylvania!

Since 1933, CleanCare has remained the leading provider of sheets and blankets in the Keystone State. Our products stand out from our competitors because they are:


Comfort is key to both the patient and guest experience. That’s why every product that CleanCare provides is designed with its wearer in mind. We thoroughly test every item to ensure that it is comfortable and remains so for long periods of time. This way, guests are far more likely to return and patients are much more cooperative.


CleanCare has earned our name by offering reliable, sanitary commercial laundry service for nearly 90 years! Our top-of-the-line machinery effectively removes stains and contagions while our advanced tracking systems prevent cross-contamination. The CleanCare team offers decades of combined expertise toward our laundry efforts, ensuring that everything is safe and clean!


During our laundry service, we also keep a close eye on every item to ensure there are no rips or tears. We efficiently separate each of our products during the laundry and maintenance process based on their unique needs. We’ll then make repairs where we can and fully replace items that have reached the end of their useful lifespans. Either way, we are so thorough that our clients can’t tell the difference between brand new and repaired sheets and blankets!

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Provide guests and patients with safe, clean sheets and blankets to make their stay even better! Sign up for service with CleanCare today by calling us at 1-800-222-7600. Interested in a free quote or our other products and services? Click here!

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