The right linens can determine the quality of care that your patients receive. That is why for your healthcare bath and hand towels, trust the healthcare linen service provider that gives you the assurance of top-notch quality linens and the most reliable linen supply and care service: CleanCare!

High-Quality Bath and Hand Towels for Healthcare Use

CleanCare’s expert bath and hand towel service ensures:

Optimum Patient Experience

Our bath and hand towels are ultra-absorbent and comfortable to the touch, ensuring an excellent patient experience.

Low Maintenance, High Durability Linen Selections

The daily grind in your healthcare facility has nothing on CleanCare’s heavy-duty, low-maintenance bath and hand towels. They can withstand both the intensity of heavy and repeated use, as well as the demands of healthcare laundry service.

Linen Cleanliness that Meets Healthcare Hygiene Standards

Meeting hygiene standards for your healthcare bath and hand towels is one less thing to worry about when you have CleanCare in your corner. Our laundry process ensures that each of your linens meets the highest safety standards for healthcare linens.

CleanCare: The Choice for Your Healthcare Linen Needs

Every aspect of CleanCare’s healthcare linen service is guided by our S.M.A.R.T. system:


CleanCare Selections™ allows you the flexibility of choosing the products that fully meet your needs regarding quality and budget. 


The CleanCare Monitor™ system ensures accuracy and ease of managing your inventory, through regular reporting that contains detailed information on your supply and usage. This means that you get full control over how you manage your linens.

Accountability Assurance

Our Accountability Assurance™ is your assurance that every part of our handling process is compliant with the standards set forth for the industry, including those by J.C.A.H.O., O.S.H.A., and A.O.R.N. 

Rapid Response

The Rapid Response™ Program ensures 24/7 customer support, including 10 hours per day of live and rapid customer responses.


Our entire healthcare laundry service is powered by our innovative laundry technology and covered by our Linen Inventory Control (L.I.N.C.) System™ that reduces your linen costs and incidences of linen loss.

You can never go wrong with CleanCare! What are you waiting for?

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