The healthcare professionals who serve selflessly on the front lines to show up for their communities deserve the same dedication they give so abundantly. They also understand the importance of a quality uniform. CleanCare is committed to providing the absolute best that high-quality scrubs have to offer to ensure our healthcare heroes are protected in the unpredictable environment that is the healthcare industry.


Medical workers are typically on their feet all day. The least we could do is develop our scrubs selection with material that is not only durable but extremely comfortable as well. Those long 12-hour shifts run as smoothly as possible with garments designed to be lived in.

Professionally Engineered

Healthcare workers know that once you find the perfect pair of scrubs, you never want to let go. Thankfully, CleanCare specializes in creating the “perfect pair” with every pair. 


Whether in the emergency room or at a private clinic, safety comes first. An unsafe or compromised healthcare provider is one who can’t appropriately provide the care their patients deserve. CleanCare scrubs feature the most resistant and absorbent fabric to withstand the elements of an emergency situation.

Professional Care with CleanCare

Healthcare is inherently messy. That’s why we expertly clean your future favorite scrubs. Our dedicated staff incorporates strict inspections on every uniform to guarantee consistent quality. Never worry about frays, stains, rips, or other damage when you trust us as your linen provider.       

Protecting Our Healthcare Heroes So They Can Protect Us

Healthcare providers are the backbone of our community. Without them keeping us stitched together, we can’t go about doing what we do. CleanCare never forgets their selflessness, so we strive to meet them halfway. Via a steady supply of clean, comfortable, dependable scrubs, we are the best option for your needs! 

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