Lab coats are an essential part of a laboratory or healthcare worker’s arsenal. They serve multiple functions from protecting against chemicals to helping patients identify their doctor. Your staff deserves lab coats that they can rely on and there’s only one Pennsylvania provider that can meet this need:

CleanCare Provides the Best Lab Coats in Pennsylvania!

Since 1933, CleanCare has remained a leading provider of lab coats to Pennsylvania businesses. We are a local, family-owned and operated business that puts our customers and their needs first. Rest assured that we provide only the best lab coats to Pennsylvania professionals because they serve us just as much as we serve them. Our very own doctors, dentists, pharmacists, lab technicians, and more wear our products! Here’s how our products stand out:


Each CleanCare lab coat uses soft yet durable materials that keep its wearers comfortable without sacrificing their useful lifespans. They allow for a full range of motion with ergonomic designs that don’t hamper their wearer’s performance.

Hygienically Clean

Every profession that uses lab coats needs them to be consistently clean for the safety of their wearers and the people around them. As part of our lab coat rental service, we clean each item in our commercial laundry facility. Our advanced laundry machinery, sophisticated inventory tracking system, and team of experts have earned us industry recognition. The TRSA has accredited our laundry service as Hygienically Clean for healthcare environments.

Consistently Available

We also provide reliable maintenance and inventory management for every lab coat. CleanCare uses green practices and reusable products to ensure our clients always have what they need when they need it. The TRSA has also recognized this aspect of our medical apparel service as Clean Green for environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices.

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CleanCare is the Pennsylvania medical apparel provider your practice needs for high-quality lab coats! Call us today at 1-800-222-7600 and a member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our service. You may also click here for a free quote!

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