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Restaurant Holiday Linen Ideas

It is almost that time of year again. Fall is approaching and the holidays are just around the corner. Restaurants need to get ready for the families that often decide to dine out during the holiday season. Family and friends … Continue reading

The Importance of Hospital Laundry Services

In the healthcare industry, priority is always set on the patients. Every healthcare office and hospital has the goal of making sure their patients are comfortable and ultimately, that they are healthy. In order to achieve this goal, hospitals must … Continue reading

What Is Linen Usage Monitoring

If you had the choice of seeing where all your valuable linen went, would you take the opportunity? Many hotels are already taking advantage to these type of features through electronic linen usage monitoring systems. Linen Usage Monitoring Explained For … Continue reading

Tips for Senior Citizens on How To Stay Cool in the Summer

Summer has arrived, and although individuals are dreading the intense heat, many are excited for the warmth, longer days, and rejuvenating sunrays. Senior citizens, however, may worry about the heat and dehydration. Therefore, we have devised a few tips on … Continue reading

The High Standards for Servicing Medical Linens

Quality is always important when it comes to servicing linen, especially in the medical and healthcare industry. Your patients and employees expect nothing but the best when it comes to servicing their medical linens. Whether it is sheets, scrubs, or … Continue reading

Spa Marketing 101

Spa Marketing – sounds easy enough.  But are you properly marketing your spa business to promote new customer sales or are you gearing your efforts towards keeping existing customers? There are different ways of promoting your business and it’s important to … Continue reading

Fashion for the Maternal

Who said that pregnant women are unable to dress in style when delivering? There are many videos and photos trending all over the social media and the news about women in labor who have flawless makeup, decked out hospital gowns, and stylish … Continue reading

Benefits of Laundry Certificates

Businesses such as medical facilities and restaurants require sanitary products such as sheets, towels, and tablecloths. If these products are unclean, this is a hazard to the customers’ and employees’ health. Bacteria and dangerous infections may be lurking in the products from … Continue reading

Keep Your Business’s Staff & Customers Safe During Winter Storms

Winter is in full swing in our neighborhood and areas where we provide linen and  uniform services are being affected the deep freeze. It feels as though every other day there is a new storm warning in our area. With … Continue reading

Clean Care Healthcare Laundry Services | Medical Linen and Uniforms

Allowing us to take excellent care of your healthcare laundry allows you to focus on your what really matters – your patients. At Clean Care, we understand that quality healthcare takes time, energy, money and expertise. In our 3rd generation … Continue reading

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